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AWC's Painting Competition 2023

As part of this years AGM we held our annual painting competition.

The competition is run with three categories:

  • Wargames Unit

  • Single stand or base containing figures or machines

  • Single figure

The club provide three prizes "Voucher" for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place per category.

The competition is also supported by one of club sponsors "Goblin Gaming" who provided some of the "Winners" vouchers, thank you to Goblin Gaming it is greatly appreciated.

The competition was well attended with most club members entering the competition, there were lots of very well painted miniatures and models, again this year the quality of the painted is outstanding.

Here are few pictures of the various entries, apologises for the poor pictures but you can see the amount and variety.

Voting for each category was through a secret ballot format by the club members present on the evening, voting for yourself was not encouraged so hopefully all was fair and square, if there were any ties the Chairman had the final vote.

Category 1 - Wargames Unit results.

Well done to all who entered and to the winners

First place Imperial Romans, winner Chris Wilson

Second place SYW Bavarian grenadier, winner Philip Ayerst

Third place Spanish Tercios, winner Alan’s Downs

Category 2 - single stand or base containing figures or machines.

Well done to all who entered and to the winners.

First place Duke of Gloucester winner Chris Wilson

Second place Warrior armoured car, winner Will Fothergill

Third place Paratroopers, winner Richard Green

Category 3 - Single figure results.

Well done to all who entered and to the winners

First place Oriental female warrior, winner Jeremy Salkeld

Second place Julius Caesar, winner Chris Wilson

Third place Ahsoka Tano, winner Andy Wixon

We would just like to say to everyone that attended the evening, thank you for your time and thank you to all the people that entered the competition and the effort made to paint all those miniatures, hope you can make it again next year and good luck with those painting projects.

Finally the Chairman and the rest of the committee would like to thanks Goblin Games for this years complementary vouchers.


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