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Overlord is AWC annual wargames show and has been running successfully for over 2 decades. Numerous traders attend and many Participation games are put on by the various visiting clubs. The show also includes a well stocked Bring and Buy where you can get a bargain or sell off your unwanted wargame paraphernalia.

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Overlord 2023 Trader list Confirmed

ROK Miniatures 
The Pit Gaming Shop 
Oakbound Studios  
Instant Armies 
Lanchester Book 
Parkfield Miniatures 
Sheppy Models 
Troll Trader Ltd
Mezzers Minis 
M&C painting 
Athena Miniatures Ltd 
Iron Gate Scenery 
Disain Studio
Syborg 3D printing
Heros of the Dark age
Grubby tanks
ABC Brushes
Current Games

2144 - Abingdon wargames club
28mm Ancients - Skirmish Wargames
Saga based game - Liverpool Wargames Association
Vietnam Skirmish( BOHICA) - Paul Eaglestone (Empress Miniatures)
28mm Game - South Oxfordshire Generals
Tewkesbury 1471 - Newbury & Reading Wargames society
WW1 Persian skirmish - Craig Thomson (Tiny Terrain)

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